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About us

Source:建广律师事务所     2012-07-19

An Introduction to Jianguang Law Firm

Established in 2000, Jianguang Law Firm is a leading comprehensive law firm under the direct supervision of Yunnan Provincial Department of Justice.

Since its establishment, Jianguang Law Firm has always been focusing on providing satisfactory legal and business services for enterprises. Jianguang lawyers are well-qualified and trustworthy legal counsels and attorneys who bend themselves to minimizing legal risks and maximizing business opportunities for clients.

Harboring the spirit embracing diversities, through over a decade of development . Jianguang lawyers have accumulated rich experiences in various legal fields and set up diversified connections with clients and precious harmonious relationships with different governmental branches of each level . Jianguang lawyers have been widely acknowledged for its prominent achievement in legal services of international business, , real estate, intellectual property, restructure of enterprises ,investing and financing and listing etc. Jianguang Law Firm has solidified its position as one of Yunnan province’s top law firms and is noted for its high-profile local and abroad clientele.

In 2005, Juanguang Law Firm was awarded as “the best legal service award for real estate industry of Yunnan”, and in 2008, elected as top three in Yunnan Province “National Excellent Law Firms in China”. The director of Juanguang Law Firm, lawyer Zhanghui, got selected as the deputy chairperson of Yunnan Lawyers Association in 2010, and was appraised in 2011 as one of “National Excellent Lawyer”. In 2013, Mr. Liu Xiaowei, the Partner of Jianguang Law Firm, was selected in the national talent pool of lawyers who offer foreign-related affairs services.
Yunnan Jianguang Law Firm has 60 staff so far, including practicing lawyers, lawyer assistants and administration personnels. All of the staff graduated from prestigious Chinese Universities such as China University of Political Science and Law, Southwestern University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai International Studies, Yunnan University, The United States of America IIT etc, amongst two holds PHD  and over 10 have master degree in law. Jianguang lawyers’ fully aware of the legal and business climate in Yunnan and their knowledge of the Western approach to law and business make Jianguang Law Firm the ideal law firm for foreign-related enterprises in Yunnan.      

The Law Firm has more than 500 square meters permanent offices in quiet environment with modern facilities in Kunming,.