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Andrew Liew(Liu Xiaowei)

Source:建广律师事务所     2012-08-22

Andrew Liew(Liu Xiaowei)
Partner, Attorney at law,Master of Economic Law (MLL)

Bar of Association of China (PRC)
Legal Research Council on Environment Resource of Yunnan
Legal Research Council on Intellecture Property of Yunnan
Kunming East-south Asia Law Affairs Specialized Committee

Andrew Liew’s experience in the commercial and IP legal field spans eight years, when he dealt with a lot of litigation cases about real estate, land dispute, IP tort and permission, investment dispute, contract dispute, labor and employment, family and marriage, criminal, and administrative lawsuit, as well as many non-litigation affairs such as enterprise risk control, Mergers and Acquisitions, IP strategy, provided long-term legal counselor services for mining, building decoration, travel, logistics, construction, pharmacy, and other enterprises.
Andrew Liew has launched out into commercial legal matters relating to South-east Asia since 2007, and he provided successively legal services for Xin Ao Gas Group, Yunnan Construction Co.Ltd., China Development Bank, China Construction Bank, Kunming Chinese Medicine Factory about Vietnam, Burma, Laos, and other ASEAN nations, cooperating with Clifford Chance LLP Beijing Representative Office, Mekong Group, LuatViet, Vientiane Lao Law.

Enterprise law
Mining law