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Source:建广律师事务所     2016-07-11

Yunnan Provincial People’s Government, Kunming Municipal People’s Government, Xishan District People’s Government, Guandu District People’s Government, Kunming Transportation Management Bureau, 
The Banking Regulatory Bureau of Yunnan Province, China Xinda Asset Management Co., Ltd Kunming Office, China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd Kunming Office, China Development Bank Yunnan branch, Bank of China Yunnan Branch, Hang Seng Bank (China) Co., Ltd. Kunming branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch in Yunnan Province, Yunnan branch of China Construction Bank, China Pingan Insurance Company Kunming branch, Taikang Insurance Company, Anbang insurance company.
Meilland International (France), Kunming Baker Norton Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, (US-China), Yunnan Overseas Investment Limited, Yunnan Plant Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Xinao Gas Group,, Union Resources & Engineering Co., Ltd. 
Yunnan Yunlu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Kunming Daoji Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Kunming Jiadali Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Yunnan Jincheng Jiahe Concrete Co., Ltd, 
Yunnan Construction Engineering Group Corporation, Yunnan Water Conservancy and Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., Yunnan Construction Engineering Installation Corporation, Yunnan Construction Engineering of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction Co., Ltd., Yunnan Ruian Building Materials Co., Ltd., Yunnan State-owned Cement Company, Yunnan Eastern Part Expressway Co., Ltd, Yunnan Geological and Mining Construction Co., Ltd,
Guangdong Fengle Group Yunnan Company

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