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Foreign-related Legal Affairs

Source:建广律师事务所     2016-07-13


Foreign-related Legal Affairs
1.Legal Service for Clients Investing in China
Jianguang lawyers offer legal advice and assistance about investment method and form, equity structure, land, tax, foreign exchange, IP, labor, etc, participate in a variety of negotiations, reviewing, drafting and revision of the relevant foreign-related legal documents, agreements and contracts, and participate in and act as agents for international trade and investment, foreign-related civil and commercial disputes mediation, arbitration and litigation.
    2. Legal Service for Investing in Southeast Asia, East Asia Countries
Jianguang lawyers provide legal service of consultation for enterprises or individuals in the law and policy issues on doing business in Southeast and East Asia Countries, drafting and reviewing the relevant legal documents, participating negotiations, as well as managing legal risk, administrative approval. 

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